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Rock River makes a nice version of the AR-15. I purchased the mid length 16″ with the aluminum free float tube.  This rifle has had total reliability and amazing accuracy.  I was hoping to get a 1 MOA rifle when I bought this.  When I took it to the range after break in.  It shot sub-MOA groups with FMJ!!! I was blown away.  I am an avid reloader and I soon realized that this rifle wasn’t too picky on the loads that it would shoot accurately.  I loaded up some 40 grain V-max loads on 26.0 grains of TAC and those shot right around .5 MOA. Some of the groups were 3/8 of an inch:) For optics i used a Springfield Armory 3-9×40.  And for my more tactical setup I would remove the scope and use an Eotech red dot sight with an A.R.M.S. #40L Flip up rear sight.  Even with the red dot I found that I could achieve 2-3 MOA groups from the bench.  I love AR-15’s in general, but these Rock River’s are extremely well built.  I’m not the type to buy the budget gun so I looked for a balance of price and quality.  This gun came in under 1,000$ for the gun and the back up iron sight.  The optics were more on top of that but worth every penny.  Anyone else have a good brand of AR-15?  I know there’s a lot of good ones out there.

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  • Rifleshooter:

    Nice AR15! – I have been considering a Rock River Arms gun, any advice on which barrel contour? I see they offer M4 contour, lightweight barrel, or a standard barrel. Also, is it worth the extra money to get the chrome lined barrel?

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