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Springfield XD-9

Springfield XD-9

I’ve had my Springfield XD-9 for 3 years now.  This gun has performed flawlessly!  It was everything that I wanted in a handgun.  The only maintenance I’ve had to do is change the recoil spring, but this was after thousands of rounds (at least 5,000).  I’ve only had malfunctions due to my old recoil spring, and a couple that were my fault for making bad reloads… oops.  Other than that the reliability has been 100%.  It goes bang every time.

My favorite thing about this gun is that it fits my hand very nice and feels natural.  I’ve also added a Hogue rubber grip enhancer that i really like.  I also use an Insight SSL-1 weapon mounted flashlight.  I have the light installed to make the gun more versatile for home defense since this is my home defense gun.  The light allows for a two handed grip instead of one hand on the gun and one hand on the light (If I were doing that then I would use the Harries technique).

Me blasting my XD-9 near San Luis Obispo

Me blasting near San Luis Obispo

In conclusion, this gun is very accurate and reliable. It also has a 16+1 capacity which is very nice.  I recommend this gun to anyone as long as it fits your hand properly.  As with any gun, It’s a personal preference thing.

Shooting my Springfield XD-9 at Front Sight

This is me shooting my XD at Front Sight

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